Going through things, I don’t want to

Talking is not an option.

Regretting decisions

Pretty sure nobody is gonna get

Nobody I trust enough to talk to

Insecure about writing my thoughts.

In a mess

Reels ain’t making it any easier.

Family ain’t the place for this.

This world ain’t…

I do not consider myself a very poetic person. I do not often get lyrical ideas or thoughts. However, over the past few days, I made an exciting discovery, when I do write poems, evidently because of school activities such as slam poetry or any other similar activities, my teachers…

My dad always says that the future is technology, but I beg to differ, or it’s just my mind not letting me accept the fact that the world will eventually become technologized. I strictly believe that technology should be used only for entertainment, only for that. Previously I used to…

I often believe that in life, nothing is single-sided; everything has to have either 2 sides, 2 meanings, 2 answers, or 2 ends. Keeping this in mind, I would like to address the current situation that our earth is facing COVID-19.

Many will say I don’t understand the gravity of…

Nandini Zunder

An ever cheerful , free spirited , organised 15 year old with an optimistic look on life.

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